Hi, I’m Noah

Ramen Supply is my incomplete and highly subjective guide to ramen, the happiest food there is. I hope you find it useful as you search for your next bowl.

My love of ramen started in 2000 in LA’s “Little Osaka” area on Sawtelle. Growing up in Los Angeles, my dad and I would regularly visit Hurry Curry for lunch around the corner from his office. It became a personal favorite. One day my friend Nate and I were heading Hurry Curry, but he diverted us to Asahi Ramen just down the street– and blew my mind. I ordered the curry ramen with chicken, extra noodles.

I’ve since lived in Chicago, Ann Arbor, Seattle, and now New York. These are some good ramen cities, my friends. I eat well, and I’m happy to be sharing it with you.

March 16, 2018 at 10_50PM (1).jpg
Giving a PowerPoint presentation on ramen to my friends for no reason.


I live in New York City, where I’ve graduated from “intermediate tourist” to “advanced pedestrian” status. I still don’t feel like a local, which I think is a good thing.

I work at Amazon, leading a Product Management team responsible for building membership and benefits for AmazonFresh, Prime Now and Whole Foods customers.

I still can’t believe that I got this person to marry me.

Last Updated: January 5, 2019

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Seeing Ramen Heads (the documentary) on the big screen.