Hidden in a side street cutaway next to the Brooklyn Bridge, Nakamura is a hidden gem of the New York ramen scene. There are twice as many items on the menu as seats in the restaurant, but most are variations on a damn tasty chicken stock. My gyoza arrived crackling and steaming like Chili’s fajitas, perfectly crisped on top. I chose the curry spiced ramen, a nostalgic throwback to my first “real” ramen which I am always looking to relive. The bright color, chewy noodles, and beefy chopped beef were a great combo, and the ajitama egg was perfectly cooked (although cold– a pet peeve). A nice touch: my kae-dama (extra noodles) came pre-spiced with curry and hot enough to re-warm my remaining broth. Next time, I will try the jidori chicken (seems to be in almost everything).

Nakamura is tied with Ivan Ramen for favorite in NYC.


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