A reliable ramen shop on Park Ave South which gets points for being on my way home from work.

From coworker Matt: “We tried Kame last night – shishito peppers, pork buns, and karaage for apps, and then Sean did spicy tonkotsu and I did regular tonkotsu. The peppers were good, spicier than average, which was nice. Pork buns were slightly above average, although the buns themselves were a little too thick. Karaage had a GREAT crispiness, and the meat itself was tender and juicy, but the breading/coating could have used a little more *pop*. Breaking down the tonkotsu – noodles were very underwhelming, broth and garnishes were decent but nothing spectacular, and the pork was a delight…buttery, non-chewy with a nice, light crisp. The apps (and beer) were on happy hour, and were a great deal. Overall, in the upper end of the middle of the pack. Preferred it over Totto, Mu, Okonomi, etc., but would prefer Ippudo or Ivan.”

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  • They’ve also been on MealPal. I wasn’t a big fan of MealPal as a customer, but Kame was a great deal. Somewhere between $3-6 for a ramen lunch

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